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Coronavirus in Italy.

Some of the Coronavirus guidelines in Italy.

Italy as of today, March 2nd, has the 3rd highest number of fatalities related to the coronavirus, COVID-19.

These officially confirmed high cases of contagion are due in part to actively testing patients without symptoms – up until February 27th and through employing transparency; a move seen as non-scientific, costly, damaging to the economy and even simply, unnecessary.
Here, with a population count of more than 60 million, cerca 20,000+ laboratory tests done and as of today, March 2nd, 1577 persons testing positive, 34 fatalities and an ever increasing number of recovered patients – this spread has so far caused grave complications in patients with a compromised immune system and or over 65 years.

Update: Some of the guidelines for the principal affected zones in Italy as response to the COVID-19 spread.
  • Schools will remain closed until March 8th.
  • Commercial and general meeting spaces: when not ordered closed- museums, restaurants, churches, supermarkets and the like, should allow for 1 metre spacing among entrants.
  • Sporting activities suspended until March 8th.
  • Voluntary isolation
  • Call special telephone numbers for domicile visit in case of suspicion.
What do I think?

Personally, I expect our bodies to take some time to develop antibodies and trust that vaccines will eventually be available. A similar trajectory taken by the Influenza virus, believed to be more than 500 years old. As much is not yet clear on individual symptoms and seeing the fatal complications I do exercise caution by:

  • Washing my hands thoroughly for approximately 1 minute;
  • Using disposable gloves when out and about to touch and handle surfaces. Or the back of my hand or knuckles, when possible;
  • Avoiding crowds;
  • Eating a more varied diet;
  • Drinking more water;
  • Not worrying about it.

Thank you for all your messages and concern but what better time to go hiking, trekking- fully live the outdoor? The Marche region has a landscape second to none, beautifully engaging in all seasons. Fresh air, a collage of evergreen pines, dormant oaks, climbing vines, cliffs, farmland, contoured hills, clear rivers, robins, timid deers, camping sites near to the coast; you will definitely find me outside.

Update: I have remained home, respecting the decree.

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